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At Engineers for Science, we are always working on new and exciting projects that bridge the gap between science and software engineering. Here are a few examples of our ongoing collaborations: 


Developing open-source software for the quantum computing with the CERN Quantum Technology Initiative.

University of Tokyo

Exploring physics beyond the Standard Model through data engineering and science with the University of Tokyo and RIKEN.

We also recommend checking out The Missing Semester of Your CS Education from MIT Open Learning and following other non-associated initiatives and organisations such as the ones listed below. Our initiative builds on decades of work by these institutes and the software engineering community, and our aim is to augment their voice and bring it in front of a broader audience.

Software Sustainability Institute

The SSI from the University of Edinburgh is the first organisation in the world dedicated to improving software in research. They published over 120 guides on this topic and offer specialized courses.

The Dataverse Project

This initiative introduced a community driven approach to sharing scientific data. Researchers have an easier time sharing their data. Moreover, they can get recognition for the scientific findings originating from their data.

We highly recommend you to join and participate in your local community of research software engineers and data scientists. Interacting with others is of the fasted way to learn and make a difference.

Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

At ETH Zurich, there is an active and growing Research Software Engineering Community, as well as courses and wikis by the IT Services Group from D-Phys and the Scientific IT Services

Check back regularly for updates on these and other projects, or propose your own project for Engineers for Science in the form below!