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Keep track of code changes, making collaboration and code sharing easy.

Unit testing

Testing makes your code robust and gives you the confidence for doing refactorings.

Virtual environments

Using virtual environment makes your setup reproducible and easy to install.


Doing stuff with the command line interface (CLI) makes you feel like a hacker! 

Clean code

Read Uncle Bob's masterpiece on writing clean and well-structured code.

Design patterns

Why not use established solutions to your solve your problems?

Packaging in Python

Package your code into a Python library, making the installation effortless. 

Data structures and algorithms

Mastering the basics gets you 10x further than learning shiny new frameworks or hyped methods like machine learning. 

Autodocs with Sphinx

Let the code document itself with tools like Sphinx, generating beautiful websites from code.

Stepwise refinement

Use a top-down approach to break up your problem into manageable pieces. 


Develop and run your code in a public cloud to scale your workflows. 

Configuration files

Instead of hard-coding values in your code, use configurations files to track them. 


How cool would it be to have a shipable version of your system and code? Containers! 

Container Orchestration

Deploy your simulations everywhere and let them scale automatically.


Gone are the days of writing code in a simple text editor. Today's IDEs work magic! 


Extend your toolkit by learning frameworks tailored to your type of development.