About us

Engineers for Science is an initiative focused on creating better science through the collaboration between software engineers and researchers. Engineers for Science was started by Roman and Dominik to promote best practices in software engineering. The goal is to increase the impact of scientific research and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

We both know the struggle of writing software for research without the proper training. We have seen how much difference simple tools and best practices can make, and why they are used in the industry. Now we want to share them with you, so that you do not have to live through the same struggle and can instead focus on your research.

Dominik and Roman in front of an art installation.

Dominik and Roman at Olympiadorf, Munich

Roman represents the Software Engineer of the initiative, he works in the Data & AI Team at Ergon Informatik in Zurich. Previously, he founded a software startup, interned at BMW Group and Infosys as a Software Engineer, and performed research at CERN, the University of Tokyo and other institutes during his studies at ETH.


Dominik, on the other hand, is a Researcher and PhD Student at CEA in Paris with a focus on quantum science, computational physics, and machine learning. He has experience as a Quantum Engineer at IQM Quantum Computing and Business Relations Assistant at the Quantum Center of ETH


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